Android App NextToMe – more flexible than Latitude?

Android App NextToMe - more flexible than Latitude?

Meet your contacts! That”s the motto of NextToMe. If you want to meet your contacts in real, and not only pass them, this is the right application for you. The app shows you which contacts are close to your current location at a single glance!

Whether on the highway or in a foreign country, it’s sometimes surprising how many business contacts are more or less just passing by – usually without knowing it. Right here comes the solution: NextToMe. Once started, it will continuously calculate the approximate distance to the contacts and sorted by the distance – handy displayed in a list. In addition, it is displayed with colours if the distance is in- or decreasing. With one click, the contact gets displayed instantly. And so, a phone call, a SMS or the navigation is easy to reach.

NextToMe requires no internet connection whiie running and therefore, no download costs. A practical, easy-to-use app for every day and every trip.

Required is an Android phone and contacts with fully address data. That”s all.

“NextToMe Free” is currently available in English and German. Highly recommended for those who travel a lot!

So “meet your contacts” – from now on with NextToMe!

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