High in Style colored Contacts and motive lenses!

Made in Europe – worn around the World!

The German self made man and CEO of brilliantcontacts Daniel Knaier has a goal: He wants his Online Shop <a href="http://www.brilliantcontacts.com“>www.brilliantcontacts.com to be the leading shop for high quality, European made colored contacts and motive lenses

With more than 300 different contacts styles such as “Halloween Contacts” or “Flag Contacts” in stock as well as worldwide free shipping, Daniel Knaier”s contacts online shop sets new standards. If you are looking for your own new style or want to highlight your Halloween costume with “a spark in your eyes”.

The seven categories of contact lenses on brilliantcontacts.com invite you to freely browse and Shop. With a new and clever idea on every page! Just visit this state of the art online shop and see for yourself. If you are looking for an anime style, check out “eyes enlarging” contacts or are you a movie fan?! Brilliantcontacts offers a broad variety of “movie contacts”. There are too many different styles to introduce all of them in this press release, just “click by” and see for yourself!

European Quality Standards set the brilliantcontacts apart from most other offers you will find in the internet. Daniel Knaier renounces Chinese made contacts! All contacts found on brilliantcontacts are Made in Europe at the highest standards in the Industry.

The Concept of high quality “Made in Europe” colored contact lenses works so well for Daniel Knaier in Germany and the UK that the expansion of his online shop was more or less predetermined. Introducing this great variety of contacts to the US market and through this step also taping the global markets, Daniel Knaier”s entrepreneurship chases the American dream on a European Scale!

All contacts are available at <a href="http://www.brilliantcontacts.com“>www.brilliantcontacts.com – Great variety, free shipping!!!


Axel Zimmermann-Pfeiffer
Veitshöchheimer Straße 14
97080 Würzburg