Leaders are benefitting from a sparring partner, now especially

Executive Coach and sparring partner Thomas Gelmi knows how sparring partners are able to support leaders in developing personal and interpersonal competence

The corona crisis continues to present people with great challenges, both in their professional and their private lives. Thomas Gelmi knows that leaders in particular are under considerable pressure now. Tasks are rapidly changing or increasing, the ability to plan is drastically decreasing, and quick decisions are required. “At the same time, the central task of leaders in a crisis like this is to radiate confidence and convey orientation. Like a lighthouse standing firm and stable in the surf and giving guidance even during a storm. As a result, leaders feel under enormous pressure and in many cases increasingly alone,” said Gelmi.

The consequences of such challenges have already pushed leaders to their limits in the past. According to a CEO study, conducted by Egon Zehnder, leaders experience personal and interpersonal aspects as particularly challenging in their daily work. The expert for personal and interpersonal competence explained: “Many people feel secure when it comes to their traditional skills, but less so with regard to the more human aspects of leadership. And although they see a direct link between personal and organizational transformation, many are struggling to achieve both. Possible consequences of this area of tension: overwork, stress, in the best case a lack of effectiveness – in the worst case burn-out.”

As interpersonal communication often falls by the wayside, especially in these challenging times, many leaders today – more than ever before – feel left alone. But this need not be the case, as an experienced sparring partner can help. “Like the pilot in the shipping industry, he comes on board to navigate safely through difficult waters until the storm has passed and the sea is calming down again. He offers a neutral and value-free space where you can talk openly and in confidence about everything, gain important insights, and access new resources,” said the sparring partner for leaders and top managers.

Thomas Gelmi wants to support leaders with his expertise and, in addition to his experience as a coach and sparring partner, drawing on a very special wealth of competence: “Due to my many years of experience as a trained specialist (Caregiver) for the frontline assistance of those affected by crisis situations and extreme events (Swissair Emergency Care Team/CareLink), I am highly familiar with the challenges involved.”

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Thomas Gelmi accompanies leaders and their teams worldwide in companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. They include globally operating organizations such as the WTO, Siemens, Roche, and Credit Suisse, as well as SMEs and private clients. He focuses on the development of personal and interpersonal competence in leadership, teamwork, and customer contact.

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