Leading with humanity for better corporate culture

Executive coach and sparring partner Thomas Gelmi explains why appreciation and respect in leadership leads to better corporate culture

In an aircraft, the cabin crew”s main task is the safety of passengers. The focus is not on the service aspect, but rather on the early detection of technical and interpersonal problems, because the latter are often a consequence of the confinement and inescapability inside a passenger aircraft. Formerly a Matre de Cabine himself at what was then Swissair, Thomas Gelmi knows exactly that the situation in companies is very similar: “Individuals who appreciate their workplace will hardly ever be able to entirely avoid confrontations with their colleagues. Conflicts in daily interaction, however, are not only placing a strain on the working atmosphere, but ultimately also impact everyone”s productivity. Enormous amounts of money are destroyed by such frictional losses year after year.”

It makes more sense at the employee and management level to recognize and address conflicts early on through more personal and interpersonal competence. This can be achieved through proper communication and better cooperation. Therefore, the expert for personal and interpersonal competence demands more humanity in leadership – and by no means is he talking about a kid gloves approach. “What is needed is a basic human attitude characterized by appreciation and mutual respect – an attitude that is expressed in things small and large in daily interaction, supported and internalized by every leader and every single team member. By creating sustainable relationships, individuals will also increase their emotional ties to the company.”

This ensures that each individual in the company can concentrate on his or her actual task. “Satisfied and committed employees are able to fully focus on internal and external customers and develop into a key competitive advantage through behavior that preserves relationships and is courteous towards customers and other business partners alike,” Gelmi continued.

“You see: Humanity is by far not only a “nice to have,” but ultimately increases productivity and therefore financial success,” the sparring partner for leaders and top managers summed up.

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Thomas Gelmi accompanies leaders and their teams worldwide in companies of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. They include globally operating organizations such as the WTO, Siemens, Roche, and Credit Suisse, as well as SMEs and private clients. He focuses on the development of personal and interpersonal competence in leadership, teamwork, and customer contact.

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