New Fixed-Line Broadband Benchmark in the Netherlands

Three times “very good” for Ziggo, KPN and T-Mobile, Tele2 achieves the overall grade “good”.

Munich, January 25, 2022. The international telecommunications magazine connect has analyzed the fixed-line broadband connections in the Netherlands for the first time. This evaluation is based on a sophisticated crowdsourcing methodology, providing informative insights about the actual data rates and latencies, which arrive at the users” devices. The joint company Vodafone-Ziggo is the overall winner with the grade “very good”, KPN and T-Mobile also achieve this grade while Tele2 comes in with the overall grade “good”.

Hannes Ruegheimer, editor at connect magazine, says: “The network benchmarks we are conducting are highly objective and widely accepted as the de-facto industry standard. Thanks to a further refinement of the crowdsourcing methodology, it was possible for us to analyze the main performance KPIs of fixed-line services. So, we took a closer look at the fixed-line networks in the Netherlands. The results show three “very good” fixed-line offerings and one network with “good” offerings.”

With 947 out of 1,000 points and the grade “very good”, Ziggo clearly wins this benchmark. The operator shows very strong results overall, and also particularly in the categories of the active download and the passive upload assessments. KPN, the former incumbent in the Netherlands, scores 933 points and ranks second, also obtaining the grade “very good”. It shows particularly strong results in the active and passive download assessments as well as in the observed latencies. T-Mobile, operator of the fixed network of the same name, ranks third overall, while it still achieves 910 points and an overall “very good” result. It scores particularly well in the assessment of latencies in the classes of standard as well as highend gaming. Although, Tele2 is now owned by T-Mobile, the corresponding fixed line connections still carry their own designation, which is why the results are reported separately. However, Tele2 products are no longer for sale, and existing customers are scheduled to be moved to T-Mobile. Overall, Tele2 ranks fourth with 750 points, but still achieves the grade “good” showing particular strength in the latency evaluations.

In addition to the nationwide assessment, connect also evaluated the local results achieved in the larger Dutch provinces. With these analyses, inhabitants of those country parts included in the assessment can check, which operator is the best choice. In Gelderland, Noord-Holland and Utrecht, Ziggo leads ahead of KPN while Tele2 passes T-Mobile. In Limburg, KPN is ahead of Ziggo while T-Mobile ranks third. In Overijssel, T-Mobile takes the lead, followed by Ziggo. The third rank is achieved by the local fixed-net operator Caiway, which – for reasons of statistical robustness – was only taken into account in Overijssel as well as in Zuid-Holland. There, Caiway was able to outscore Ziggo and KPN.

The analysis is based on 3,048,708 samples, which were gathered from 53,000 fixed lines in the Netherlands in 24 weeks between mid-July and end of December 2021.

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