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Simply restore particularly heavily used ceramic brake discs

The main component silicon carbide gives the ceramic brake discs their extreme hardness Ceramic brakes are very stable. The main component of the ceramic brake disc is the chemical compound silicon carbide (SiC), also known as carbon. Silicon carbide makes the brake disc particularly hard and resistant. It gives the discs their special properties. The […]

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How does the restoration of ceramic brake discs work?

Restored brake discs are at least as good as brand new ones The process of restoring brake discs is very innovative. News has spread that worn, even well-used ceramic brake discs can be restored by the unique procedure. The results can be seen- all the properties of refurbished ceramic brake discs are at least as […]

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Unique worldwide: Restoration of worn brake discs

All the properties of restored carbon ceramic brake discs are at least as good as new ones It’s innovative to restore ceramic brake discs. The internationally unique service from REBRAKE – cost-efficient restoration of worn ceramic brake discs – is the reason why the innovative brake system is gaining increasing popularity. Restored ceramic brake discs […]

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Restored ceramic brake discs are often better than new ones

More expensive and with more bite than any other brakes: Ceramic brakes have many advantages: REBRAKE: For Porsche, AMG Mercedes and Audi. whether you own a sports car or a top range fast car – if you“ve ever enjoyed a ceramic brake system, you“ll never want to go without it. Ceramic brake discs are always […]

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