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Efficient and environmentally-friendly: Ceramic brake disks

When brake disks made from carbon ceramic are worn down they can be repaired with ease Ceramic brakes from Rebrake Restoration Service. Carbon ceramic brake disks are predominantly used in top class models made by Ferrari, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes or Lamborghini. Experts think that the highly efficient ceramic brakes will also win over the mid-range […]


How long does a renewed ceramic brake disc last?

The service life of carbon ceramic brake discs is enormous, renewed discs should last over 100,000km The service life is comparable to a new one. Motorsport fans, environmental politicians and activists and even ordinary motorists actually agree on this point: carbon ceramic brake discs are the future. Particulate matter is the subject of city centres. […]

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Which types of ceramic brake discs are there?

High-performance and environmentally friendly: REBRAKE renewal service for ceramic brake discs of all manufacturers and diameters A worldwide unique process with rebrake. The company FOXX Automotive Components from Weßling near Munich has established a worldwide unique process with REBRAKE, a powerful and reliable process for the renewal of ceramic brake discs. Brake discs of all […]


What to do when a ceramic brake disc wears down?

High-performance substances such as carbon ceramic require innovative procedures Ceramic brakes: FOXX Automotive. High-performance materials are increasingly being used in the automotive sector in particular. They are especially effective and light. With regard to innovative ceramic brake discs, these materials are also particularly durable and therefore environmentally friendly. The high-performance ceramic also ensures significantly lower […]

Renew ceramic brake discs? This is how to!

From the incoming inspection to pyrolysis at 1,100 degrees Celsius – how a worn ceramic brake disc becomes a product in mint condition again It is as trenchant as no other, suitable for racing and highly efficient. It may be durable, but it is also shockingly expensive. Many owners of sports cars and high-quality limousines […]

Uniquely efficient: simply renew ceramic brake discs

The maintenance service of REBRAKE makes worn brake discs made of ceramic new again Ceramic brake discs can be restored. REBRAKE – that is the innovative renewal service for used and worn, ceramic brake discs of FOXX Automotive / REBRAKE. The service is the missing piece of the puzzle in the field of high-performance brake […]

Wear on ceramic brake discs? No problem!

Carry on braking with power – save money with Rebrake More than 20 years: REBRAKE restoration service. Dynamic driving, fast wear, high costs – this proportional order is mostly correct, and this simple equation will always put financial strain on fans of fast cars. If you don’t want to throw money down the drain, but […]

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How can ceramic brake discs be cheaply resurfaced?

Rebrake offers resurfaced ceramic brakes in all sizes from 1,050 EUR High-tech materials are standard. High-tech materials are standard in high HP sports cars. The problem: even the most high-end body includes consumable parts that must be renewed from time to time. Ceramic brake discs are some of the most effective yet most expensive consumable […]

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Resurface ceramic brake discs? Yes, you can!

Benefits of repairing ceramic brake discs using the Rebrake process Reprocessing procedure for ceramic brakes. Even extremely durable and tenacious carbon ceramic brakes will wear out at some point. Even if manufacturers state a lifetime of up to 300,000 kilometres, the brakes can give up much earlier. What to do? Original replacement brakes from Porsche, […]


Cost-effective restoration of worn ceramic brake discs

Experts count on the REBRAKE restoration service from FOXX Automotive Carbon-ceramic brake discs are the result of a highly complex production process that can take 20 days until the product is finally ready. All steps of the production process are monitored and documented to ensure the high standards of the car industry are observed up […]

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