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Gentle finishing of extremely hard surfaces

Overlapping rotational work piece movement is the basis for even, all-around surface finishes The spindles allow the processing of batches of up to 18 work pieces. For this photo different work At this year“s IMTS Walther Trowal is introducing the new drag finisher M-TMD 6M for treating high-value components that require a first-class surface quality. […]

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Two-point measurement reduces non-productive times

Quality control integrated into the production process makes time-consuming manual measurements superfluous. The two opposing probes detect the diameter of the rotating part with high precision. At EMO, GEORG will be presenting the integrated two-point measurement system for horizontal machining centers of its ultraturn MC series. These machines process workpieces weighing 10 tons and more […]

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Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik: New machining centers save 40 percent of machining time

3D virtual tour of the new machine at „GEORG-Cinema“ at our booth. The horizontal machining center Siemens AG machined workpieces with a weight up to 180 tons At AMB GEORG presents the horizontal machining centers of the series ultraturn MC, which processes workpieces up to 250 tons and 4,000 mm diameter. With the successful commissioning […]

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Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik delivers the fourth Roll Lathe to Trinec

Rough and Finish Machining of Profile Rolls in the Steel Industry Already in use in Trinec: A GEORG Roll Lathe Type ultraturn 1500 R for profile rolls. Last December, Heinrich Georg GmbH Maschinenfabrik received an order for the delivery of a roll lathe for up to 10 t of workpiece weight from Czech company Strojirny […]

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Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik reduces manufacturing time of large and complex workpieces by weeks

New Horizontal Machining Center for workpieces of 12 up to 250 tons of weight The ultraturn MC is installed deep in the ground On a customer day, GEORG introduced the new Machining Center „ultraturn MC“ to manufacturing experts. More than 80 specialists of large part manufacturers came to Kreuztal to witness the premier of the […]

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