DERMA EVE® interviews Donnie Villella

DERMA EVE® interviews Donnie Villella

Beauty Coach Donald ?Donnie? D. Villella, Jr.

+++ Beauty Coach Donnie Villella predicts future trends in cosmetics +++ Micro Needling as painless alternative to cosmetic surgery +++ efficiency proven by independent scientific university studies in Germany and USA +++

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Moenchberg / GERMANY, August 2012

DERMA EVE®: Donnie, you are a beauty coach and mentor at DERMA EVE®. How did this come about?
Donnie Villella: Since 1988 I have been working as a state-licensed cosmetologist in the United States. Unlike in Europe, in the States this is not only a recognized occupation that requires “hands on” training, but also formal classroom instruction and a license. About ten years ago, I met Denise Sonja Engels through her husband and we got along very well right away. I told her about – in those days – current capabilities and methods of instrument-based cosmetics, especially in the area of IPL / flash light with excellent results. However, out of this discussion grew a joint business idea, which in January 2012 was founded with the Institute for Improved Skin Texture under our own and protected brand name DERMA EVE®.

DE®: Based out of Baltimore, Maryland you are more than 3.000 miles away from the scene of events. What precisely is your contribution within this joint business idea at the Institute for Improved Skin Texture?
Donnie: First and foremost I see my role as a driving force. It is not a secret that many actual trends find their way from the United States to Europe in the beauty & wellness market. To stay in step with the times and define a fitting target group, it is important to check and review the scope of individual services at DERMA EVE® regularly and adjust it accordingly to individual needs. In essence, portfolio management is my contribution, which can be conducted as a non-local resident through the use of state-of-the-art communication technology.

DE®: Can you predict any trends for the European market?
Donnie: Particularly here in America, there are many extremely young people who try to keep up a perceived ideal of beauty through cosmetic surgery. My personal opinion is that this is the wrong approach, as only a superficial cliché is served. Against this background, the unique concept of DERMA EVE® is compelling, in particular the basic principle of so called non or minimally invasive treatments.

DE®: Can you please clarify this last point for our readers?
Donnie: It is absolutely shocking when I read about very young girls at the age of 16 to 25 years who are seriously considering a cosmetic surgery treatment. There are many non or minimally invasive treatments available which can achieve the same desired result, without being irreversible. For example, take micro needling, which is a centuries old technique, which punctures the skin with micro needles, arranged on a drum shape instrument.

DE®: Please allow us the question, Donnie, why should anybody consider a treatment involving needling?
Donnie: Well, on the one hand, micro needling offers a wide range of applications as it helps reduce wrinkles, scars, pigmentation problems, cellulite, and generally poor connective tissue effectively. Furthermore, there is currently no better method existing to improve impure and course porous skin more efficient and less painful. With micro needling you can not only overcome the skin´s barrier of larger skin areas, but also improve the enhancement of active ingredients, mainly pharmaceuticals that can be far better absorbed and more evenly distributed in the metabolism when enhanced percutaneously, instead of systematically by tablets or injections.

DE®: Is this statement scientifically proven?
Donnie: So far, the U.S. Mercer University in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as the Universities of Marburg and Jena, both in Germany, wrote independent articles about the worth of transdermal drug delivery via Micro Needling.

DE®: In the era of AIDS and other infectious diseases, is this really a safe treatment?
Donnie: For the Micro Needling treatment at DERMA EVE® there are only one-time use, disposable needles used, with no infection risk from reuse. Moreover, since micro needles, regardless of their length, which penetrate the skin´s surface, a needling instrument must be registered and approved as a medical device according to U.S. and European regulation and must be CE marked before it is placed on the market.

DE®: Donnie, is there a realistic chance for your rapidly growing fan base to reach out to you in person?
Donnie: Yes, at this time I am living in Maryland, U.S. Based on the recent re-launch of DERMA EVE®, we are also working to make arrangements for me visit primarily as I welcome the opportunity to meet me on site at the Institute for Improved Skin Texture in Germany. At that time we can set the mood for the day…”An open day to discuss the individual needs of potential clientele, in conjunction with existing patrons with beauty coach Donnie” . A tentative business/pleasure trip is in the works for 2013, I look forward to fostering this magnificent venture. I truely believe in the product. At the age of 50, I find that these products and procedures have afforded me the opportunity to look several years younger.

DE®: Donnie, thank you for your time and this interview and we wish you all the best – take care!


DERMA EVE® is an Institute for Improved Skin Texture, which started its operation in the newly renovated rooms of Bodenwiese 11 in the climatic spa Moenchberg / Churfranken in January 2012 in Germany. Alternative practitioner, Denise Sonja Engels, and her team bring extensive experience in the medical field of natural healing, which are combined with the latest derma-cosmetic findings for the benefit of all male & female customers.

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